Hartness Library Archives

“The Hartness Library Archives will solicit, collect, and preserve selected documents and realia that record the history of Vermont Technical College and its predecessors. The Archives collects materials that capture a sense of the history of the institution and serves the interests of alumni, the administration, and the community. Due to limited resources, the archives cannot maintain a comprehensive record of college operations, nor does it hold sensitive or confidential information. The archives will make materials accessible for research as is consistent with the continued preservation of the collection.”

RSNS Class of 1900. Sports teams and more! As part of our Hartness Library Archives project we will be uploading some of our digitized archival photographs.

1912 VSA Football Team

1914 VSA Football Team

A pictorial account of the Vermont Technical College institutional history can be found in this series of class pictures. View students from the Randolph State Normal School, the Vermont Schoool of Agriculture, the Vermont Agriculture and Technical Institute and Vermont Technical College.

RSNS Class of 1872

RSNS Class of 1873

RSNS Class of 1883.

RSNS Class of 1891.

RSNS Class of 1892.

RSNS Class of 1894.

RSNS Class of 1899.

RSNS Class of 1900.

For more photos please go here: http://flickr.com/photos/hartnesslibrary/


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