New Books for Dental Hygiene

  • 617.52207 Or1 2009
    Neville, Brad W
    Oral and maxillofacial pathology
  • 617.6 D43 2004
    Castle, Mark
    Dental office emergencies [videorecording] : treatment and avoidance
  • 617.601 P11p 2008
    Paarmann, Carlene
    Pain control for dental practitioners : an interactive approach
  • 617.5 F32i 2007
    Fehrenbach, Margaret J
    Illustrated anatomy of the head and neck
  • 617.601 G13d 2007
    Gagliardi, Lori
    Dental health education : lesson planning and implementation
  • 617.607572 J64e 2007
    Johnson, Orlen N
    Essentials of dental radiography for dental assistants and hygienists
  • 617.601 Kim 2007
    Kimbrough, Vickie J
    Ethics, jurisprudence, & practice management in dental hygiene
  • 617.601 M73c 2010
    Molinari, John A
    Cottone’s practical infection control in dentistry
  • XX(452607.1)
    Sutton, Amy L
    Dental care and oral health sourcebook : basic consumer health information
    about dental care and oral health throughout the lifespan, including facts
    about cavities, bad breath, cold and canker sores, dry mouth, toothaches, gum
    disease, malocclusion, temporomandibular joint and muscle disorders, oral
    cancers, and dental emergencies : along with information about mouth hygiene,
    crowns, bridges, implants, and fillings, surgical, orthodontic, and cosmetic

    dental procedures, pain management, health conditions that impact oral care, a
    glossary of related terms, and a directory of additional resources

  • 617.601 M61i 2010
    Miller, Chris H
    Infection control and management of hazardous materials for the dental team
  • 617.601 L82s 2009
    Logothetis, Demetra Daskalos
    Success! in dental hygiene
  • XX(452603.1)
    Studen-Pavlovich, Deborah
    Adolescent oral health
  • XX(452604.1)
    Kendall, Bonnie L
    Opportunities in dental care careers
  • 617.601 F32s 2009
    Fehrenbach, Margaret J
    Saunders review of dental hygiene
  • 617.607572 R11 2009
    Miles, Dale A
    Radiographic imaging for the dental team
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