New Books for December

  • Pesticides [videorecording] : an introduction / produced by CEV Multimedia.

    (view details)

  • 179.7 F53i
    Fisher, Kenneth A., 1941-
    In defiance of death : exposing the real costs of end-of-life care
    (view details)
  • 306.8743 K38w
    Kennedy, Michelle.
    Without a net : middle class and homeless (with kids) in America : my story
    (view details)
  • 323.1197 R72i
    Rosenstein, Jay.
    In whose honor? [videorecording]
    (view details)
  • 333.7 Su82
    Clokey, Joe.
    Sustainable environments
    (view details)
  • 333.7616 F22
    Clokey, Joe.
    Farmscaping [videorecording]
    (view details)
  • 347.7326 R72s
    Rosen, Jeffrey, 1964-
    The Supreme Court : the personalities and rivalries that defined America
    (view details)
  • 347.7326 T61n
    Toobin, Jeffrey.
    The nine : inside the secret world of the Supreme Court
    (view details)
  • 347.7326 T67s
    Trachtman, Michael G.
    The Supremes’ greatest hits : the 34 Supreme Court cases that most directly
    affect your life
    (view details)
  • 362.2 K32m
    Kemp, Donna R., 1945-
    Mental health in America : a reference handbook
    (view details)
  • 363.377 F31 1973
    United States. National Commission on Fire Prevention and Control.
    America burning : the report of the National Commission on Fire Prevention and
    (view details)
  • 364.36 M23s
    McNamara, Robert Hartmann.
    The lost population : status offenders in America
    (view details)
  • 368.43 Sk32s
    Skidmore, Max J., 1933-
    Securing America’s future : a bold plan to preserve and expand social security
    (view details)
  • 577 Ec75s
    Sabo, Linda.
    Ecosystem structure and common biomes [videorecording]
    (view details)
  • 599.88151 B38b
    Bearzi, Maddalena.
    Beautiful minds : the parallel lives of great apes and dolphins
    (view details)
  • 617.1026 T69 2009
    McQuillan, Karen A.
    Trauma nursing : from resuscitation through rehabilitation.
    (view details)
  • 617.601 B53m 2009
    Bird, Doni.
    Torres and Ehrlich modern dental assisting
    (view details)
  • 617.695 G45c 2009
    Gladwin, Marcia A.
    Clinical aspects of dental materials : theory, practice, and cases
    (view details)
  • 624.092 B75d
    Brenner, Brian R.
    Don’t throw this away! : the civil engineering life
    (view details)
  • 628 P94
    Project earth [videorecording] / Discovery Channel.

  • 629.45 W57 pt.1
    Botting, Kate.
    When we left Earth [videorecording] : the NASA missions
    (view details)
  • 629.45 W57 pt.2
    Botting, Kate.
    When we left Earth [videorecording] : the NASA missions
    (view details)
  • 629.45 W57 pt.3
    Botting, Kate.
    When we left Earth [videorecording] : the NASA missions
    (view details)
  • 630.9747 Am35
    Spione, James.
    American farm [videorecording]
    (view details)
  • 631.52 C76
    Harrigan, Jim.
    Container-grown plants [videorecording]
    (view details)
  • 632.9 In8
    Clokey, Joe.
    Integrated pest management series [videorecording]
    (view details)
  • 633.15 K59
    Cheney, Ian.
    King corn [videorecording] : you are what you eat
    (view details)
  • 635.092 R22
    Siegel, Taggart.
    The real dirt on farmer John [videorecording]
    (view details)
  • 641.3 B66m
    Bourette, Susan.
    Meat : a love story
    (view details)
  • 720.472 R97o
    Ryker, Lori, 1963-
    Off the grid homes : case studies for sustainable living
    (view details)
  • 781.642 C26
    Johnny Cash [videorecording] / produced by ABC News Production and A & E
    Television Network.

    (view details)

  • 781.642 C26Ys
    Streissguth, Michael.
    Johnny Cash : the biography
    (view details)
  • 791.4372 W55
    Arntz, William.
    What the ‘bleep’ do we know? [videorecording] : Down the rabbit hole
    (view details)
  • 813.6 M575b
    Meyer, Stephenie, 1973-
    Breaking dawn
    (view details)


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