Brainteaser from Credo Ref: Film Characters


This brainteaser is about people who played particular roles in movies.

1. Who portrayed the frustrated family-man Lester Burnham in the 1999 film “American Beauty”?

2. Which Irish-born British actor played the title role in the 1962 film “Lawrence of Arabia”?

3. In the 1979 film “Apocalypse Now”, who played the deranged Green Beret, Colonel Kurtz?

4. Who played the psychopath Annie Wilkes in the 1990 film “Misery”?

5. Which historical character was played by Quentin Crisp in “Orlando” (1992) and by Dame Judi Dench in “Shakespeare in Love” (1998)?

6. Which actor won a 1970 Academy Award for his portrayal of Rooster Cogburn in “True Grit”?

7. Who won a Best Actress Oscar in 1982 for her role as the title character in “Sophie’s Choice”?

8. Which actress became well-known for her role as tomboy footballer Juliette “Jules” Paxton in “Bend It Like Beckham” (2002)?

9. Which US film actor played Steve Biko in the 1987 film “Cry Freedom”?

10. In 1997, who starred as the unscrupulous Kate Croy in “The Wings of the Dove”?

Find out the answers here


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