The Great Images in NASA (GRIN)


What is GRIN?

The Great Images in NASA (GRIN) system provides a database of photos documenting NASA. Photos include: aircraft structures, aircraft design, aircraft models, wind tunnel tests, materials research, space programs, astronaut training, robotic planetary exploration and images taken by NASA spacecraft such as the Hubble Space Telescope and Mars Global Surveyor. GRIN contains many, but not all of the most popular images from NASA’s history. It also contains important historical images that you may not have seen before. We created GRIN because the History Office receives many requests for photos. This public database is intended to meet that need. We used various criteria to select photos for GRIN. These include the historical interest and popularity of a photo and its visual impact. While you will find many photos that you have seen before in popular media, we also wanted to include more obscure but interesting photos as well, particularly photos from the early NACA years before NASA was created. There are many great photos of aeronautical research at NACA and NASA. While GRIN is not supposed to be totally comprehensive, we did attempt to cover all aspects of NASA’s history. If you have any suggestions for additional photos that you think meet the GRIN criteria, please contact us at the address below.

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