Welcome to the Friday Brainteaser from Credo Reference.

Brothers and Sisters

This brainteaser is all about brothers and sisters – mostly of famous people.

1. Critical remarks made by Earl Spencer at his sister’s funeral in 1997 resulted in changes in royal protocol. Who was Earl Spencer’s sister?

2. The Biblical character Cain had two brothers. One was called Seth: what was the name of the other brother?

3. The tennis-playing Williams sisters won the Wimbledon Ladies Doubles title in 2000. One is Serena Williams: what is the name of her sister?

4. The Gershwin brothers wrote many songs together. The first name of one of the brothers was Ira – what was the first name of the other one?

5. In 1799, which British poet settled in the Lake District where, cared for devotedly by his wife Mary and his sister Dorothy, he completed his masterpiece “The Prelude”?

6. What was the name of the US novelist whose brother was William James, the psychologist and philosopher?

7. Which American actress is the older sister of the actor Warren Beatty?

8. Ptolemy XIII was the younger brother of which queen of Egypt?

9. The British artist Vanessa Bell had a younger sister who was a writer. What was the sister’s name?

10. In 1999, which English film and stage actor collaborated with his sister, Martha, who directed, and his brother, Magnus, who wrote the score, in an adaptation of Pushkin’s novel “Onegin”?

Find out the answers here, or copy and paste this link into your browser address bar: http://corp.credoreference.com/quiz


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