Neat, New Stuff List

November 9-16, 2007

All sites are working at the time I post them. If any are not working at the time you click on them, keep trying; their server may be unable to handle the sudden rush of traffic I’ve sent to it.

# 30+ Charity & Fund Raising Tools
‘Tis about to be the season that inspires thoughts of charity (and tax deductions), so check out Mashable’s links to resources for both fund raisers and would-be donors.

# BookSpoke
This “social network for readers and writers” is new, but has great possibilities. It provides online book clubs and forums for readers, and a free home base for writers seeking an audience.

# Brijit – Great Content in 100 Words or Less
Aims to make it easy for readers to find the best media content quickly. Its editorial team examines about 85 print, broadcast and internet resources (some liberal, some conservative, some devoted to topics like science, business, etc.), links the articles, rates them, from “not a priority” through “must-read,” and abstracts them. The archive is searchable.

# Craftster Community
Where people share tips about making things. With the holidays approaching, you might especially want to check out their tips on “Toys, Dolls and Playthings,” and “Occasions and Holidays.”

# CRS Annotated Constitution
Given the recent questions about whether the President or the Congress are overstepping the powers granted them by the Constitution, this will come in handy: a clause by clause explanation of what the Constitution says and how it has been interpreted by the courts over the years.

# Cultural Profiles Project
The Canadian government provides this guide to the culture and history of its many immigrant groups. For each country represented, it offers a brief history and information on the country’s family life, education, food, sports, spirituality, and more.

# FactCheckED
A curriculum aid to teach students how to be savvy consumers of news. Include lesson plans on analytical thinking, fact-finding, and recognizing deception, and on understanding political discussions of current issues. Also includes a dictionary of political and journalism terms, and a guide to internet sources.

# HealthGrades – Research Hospitals, Doctors and Nursing Homes
What you can get for free here is info on available physicians and nursing homes in specific US cities, and a very basic evaluation (1-5 star rating and how it compares on expected outcomes) of hospitals’ performance in various specialties. For a fee, you can get detailed evaluations of the physicians, hospitals, and nursing homes.

# Maps in the News
Learn world geography one event at a time. Earthquakes, cyclones, the cricket world cup schedule, and international agreements become learning tools. See also the Maps of Current Interest at the Perry-Castaneda Library Map Collection at the University of Texas, .

# Neatorama
One of PC Magazine’s favorite 100 blogs. If you’re a fan of BoingBoing, you should like this, which PC Magazine calls, “your go-to destination for everything quirky, weird, and extraordinary.”

# A Quick Guide to Gaming in Libraries
A great place to start boning up on the topic, with links to presentations, reports, news stories, blog posts, case studies, and books.

# Regulatory Resource Center – OMBWatch
Shows how the regulatory process works in the US, and how citizens can comment on proposed rules and file petitions for rulemaking. Includes a glossary of the opaque terminology of regulators.


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