Netlibrary eBook of the Day: IT-based Management: Challenges and Solutions

IT-based Management: Challenges and Solutions
by Joia, Luiz Antonio.
Publication: Hershey, PA Idea Group Publishing, 2003.

Cover Chapter IInformation Systems Requirements in Support of the Firm’s Portfolio of Knowledge-Driven Capabilities David W. BirchallHenley Management College, UKGeorge TovstigaABB Process & Business Consultants, ABB Switzerland Ltd ABSTRACT Organisations, whether within knowledge-intensive high technology sectors or in more traditional manufacturing and utility industries, are recognizing the significance of knowledge as a competitive weapon. This tacit knowledge is held by individuals and may well be embedded in their working practices, but it includes knowledge both about the internal functioning of the operation and knowledge about the environment in which the organisation exists and which could contribute to its development. The next step proposed is to identify the capabilities needed to support the processes, which will be largely tacit. The language now exists to integrate these perspectives into the wider review of capabilities described earlier. This may leave them vulnerable in relation to innovation based on IT/ IS developments as pointed out by Lacity and Hirschheim (1995) based on their study of 14 cases of outsourcing: ”Most participants felt that long-term c…

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