Videos at Hartness Library

We’ve broken up our lists of videos into the main Dewey Classes since that’s the way you’ll find them on the shelf. It also groups similar titles together. We know that sometimes you’d like to look for a particular title, so we’ve also included a single large list of all our videos in alphabetical order.

If you don’t find something you’re looking for, don’t forget to search the library catalog.

000-099 – Information, Computer Science, General
100-199 – Philosophy, Psychology
200-299 – Religion
300-399 – Social Science
400-499 – Languages
500-599 – Science
600-699 – Technology, including Allied Health and Agriculture
700-799 – Arts, Recreation
800-899 – Literature
900-999 – History, Geography
All Videos – Alphabetically arranged
These are videos owned by Hartness Library. If you’ve got a video from us but don’t see it here, or to find all the videos in all the Vermont State Colleges you’ll need to use the library catalog.

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