New Books for October

  • 000-099 – Information, Computer Science, General
  • 100-199 – Philosophy, Psychology
  • 200-299 – Religion, Theology
  • 300-399 – Social Science
  • 400-499 – Languages
  • 500-599 – Science
  • 600-699 – Technology, including Allied Health and Agriculture
  • 700-799 – Arts, Recreation
  • 800-899 – Literature
  • 900-999 – History, Geography
  • Other – Leisure Reading, Science Fiction, Videos

    Information, Computer Science, General

  • 004.62 St18c 2004
    Stallings, William.
    Computer networking with Internet protocols and technology
    (view details)
  • 005.1 G11p
    Gabriel, Richard P.
    Patterns of software : tales from the software community
    (view details)
  • 005.1 R72d
    Rosenberg, Scott.
    Dreaming in code : two dozen programmers, three years, 4,732 bugs, and one
    quest for transcendent software
    (view details)
  • 005.4469 L65t 2007
    Tyler, Chris.
    Fedora Linux
    (view details)
  • 032 G94 2008
    Guinness world records.

    (view details)

  • Philosophy, Psychology

  • 152.41 St46d
    Stueber, Karsten R.
    Rediscovering empathy : agency, folk psychology, and the human sciences
    (view details)
  • 152.42 G37s
    Gilbert, Daniel Todd.
    Stumbling on happiness
    (view details)
  • 155.91 G13p
    Gallagher, Winifred.
    The power of place : how our surroundings shape our thoughts, emotions, and
    (view details)
  • 155.91 H62e
    Hiss, Tony.
    The experience of place
    (view details)
  • 170.973 B64r
    Borgmann, Albert.
    Real American ethics : taking responsibility for our country
    (view details)
  • 178 Si64w
    Singer, Peter, 1946-
    The way we eat : why our food choices matter
    (view details)
  • 179.309 B39f
    Beers, Diane L.
    For the prevention of cruelty : the history and legacy of animal rights
    activism in the United States
    (view details)
  • 179.7 Y88r 2007
    Yount, Lisa.
    Right to die and euthanasia
    (view details)
  • Religion, Theology

  • 200 F53L 2005
    Fisher, Mary Pat, 1943-
    Living religions
    (view details)
  • 299.94 D31i
    Davy, Barbara Jane, 1972-
    Introduction to pagan studies
    (view details)
  • Social Sciences

  • 302.222 K72n 2006
    Knapp, Mark L.
    Nonverbal communication in human interaction
    (view details)
  • 302.224 C14i
    Cakmis, Bill.
    It’s not what you say : mastering the art of powerful communication
    (view details)
  • 302.23 M46 pt.1
    Hall, Jon C.
    The media’s influence on the things we do [videorecording].
    (view details)

  • 302.23 M46 pt.2
    Betavick, Frank.
    The media’s influence on what we buy [videorecording]
    (view details)
  • 302.23 M46 pt.3
    Gitlin, Todd.
    Sexual stereotypes in the media [videorecording].
    (view details)
  • 303.625 C23i
    Carr, Matthew, 1955-
    The infernal machine : a history of terrorism
    (view details)
  • 304.2 M54r
    Merkel, Jim.
    Radical simplicity : small footprints on a finite earth
    (view details)
  • 305.26 H71
    Holding our own [videorecording] : embracing the end of life.

  • 305.897 F57b
    Fitzgerald, Kathleen J., 1965-
    Beyond white ethnicity : developing a sociological understanding of Native
    American identity reclamation
    (view details)
  • 306.3 L23a
    Landsburg, Steven E., 1954-
    The armchair economist : economics and everyday life
    (view details)
  • 306.3 M21d
    McKibben, Bill.
    Deep economy : the wealth of communities and the durable future
    (view details)
  • 330 L57f c 2
    Levitt, Steven D.
    Freakonomics : a rogue economist explores the hidden side of everything
    (view details)
  • 330.0922 In7
    Samuelson, Paul Anthony, 1915-
    Inside the economist’s mind : conversations with eminent economists
    (view details)

  • 333.91 Sn38t
    Snitow, Alan.
    Thirst [videorecording]
    (view details)
  • 333.91 Sn38t
    Snitow, Alan.
    Thirst : fighting the corporate theft of our water
    (view details)
  • 333.91316 T34
    Diehn, Timur.
    Thirsty planet. Water for the fields [videorecording]
    (view details)
  • 337 M17g
    MacGillivray, Alex.
    A brief history of globalization : the untold story of our incredible shrinking
    (view details)
  • 337 M34h
    Marling, William, 1951-
    How “American” is globalization?
    (view details)
  • 338.27282 Ex89 v.3
    Cran, William.
    The wilderness [videorecording]
    (view details)
  • 338.973 H31n
    Hawken, Paul.
    Natural capitalism : creating the next industrial revolution
    (view details)
  • 343.07869 C88d
    Crowell, Richard D.
    DPIC’s contract guide : a risk management handbook for architectural, engineerin
    g and environmental professionals
    (view details)
  • 344.0537 B43f
    Bennett, Lawrence T.
    Fire service law
    (view details)
  • 346.048 Ev2 Folio
    Everyone’s guide to copyrights, trademarks, and patents : the comprehensive
    handbook for protecting your writing, inventions, and other creative work, with
    official, ready-to-use application forms.

    (view details)

  • 363.47 On5 2007
    Berne, Emma Carlson.
    Online pornography
    (view details)
  • 364.135 N14i
    Na*im, Mois*es.
    Illicit : how smugglers, traffickers, and copycats are hijacking the global
    (view details)
  • 364.1523 M57d
    Meyer, Peter, 1950-
    Death of innocence : a case of murder in Vermont
    (view details)
  • 371.713 L57c 2007
    Levin-Epstein, Marcy.
    Campus mental health : what college & university administrators need to know
  • 371.94 M87I
    Moyes, Rebecca A. (Rebecca Ann), 1960-
    Incorporating social goals in the classroom : a guide for teachers and parents
    of children with high-functioning autism and Asperger syndrome
    (view details)
  • 394.12 P76o
    Pollan, Michael.
    The omnivore’s dilemma : a natural history of four meals
    (view details)
  • Languages

  • 401.93 Y16h
    Yang, Charles D.
    The infinite gift : how children learn and unlearn the languages of the world
    (view details)
  • Sciences

  • 523.1 R18s 2007
    Ratcliffe, Martin.
    State of the Universe 2007 : new images, discoveries and events
    (view details)
  • 551.48 L23

    Wigmosta, Mark S.
    Land use and watersheds : human influence on hydrology and geomorphology in
    urban and forest areas
    (view details)

  • 551.6 C36 pt.1
    Morris, Eleanor.
    Changing climates [videorecording]
    (view details)
  • 551.6 C36 pt.2
    Morris, Eleanor.
    Changing climates [videorecording]
    (view details)
  • 551.69 G51
    Nolan, Mary Lee.
    Global climate regions [videorecording]
    (view details)
  • 571.84 B29c 2006
    Hildebrandt, Jeff.
    Cellular reproduction [videorecording] : mitosis, cytokinesis, and the cell
    (view details)
  • 571.84 B29m 2006
    Meiosis, sexual reproduction, and genetic variability [videorecording].

    (view details)

  • 572.86 D44 2004
    Goldblum, Jeff, 1952-
    DNA the secret of life [videorecording].
    (view details)
  • 577.63 L14
    Manley, Thomas Owen, 1952-
    Lake Champlain in transition : from research toward restoration
    (view details)
  • Technology

  • 610.73 C59 2005
    Irwin, Bill R.
    Cleansing enema [videorecording]
    (view details)
  • 611 B47t 2005
    Biel, Andrew.
    Trail guide to the body [videorecording]
    (view details)

  • 615.14 C93m 2005
    Curren, Anna M.
    Math for meds : dosages & solutions
    (view details)
  • 615.14 C93m 2005
    Curren, Anna M.
    Math for meds : dosages & solutions
    (view details)
  • 615.78 K95b 2003
    Kuhn, Cynthia.
    Buzzed : the straight facts about the most used and abused drugs from alcohol
    to ecstasy
    (view details)
  • 615.908 H11 2007
    Shannon, Michael W.
    Haddad and Winchester’s clinical management of poisoning and drug overdose
    (view details)
  • 616.0019 M66k 2006
    Karren, Keith J.
    (view details)
  • 616.722 Ar76 2004
    Sutton, Amy L.
    Arthritis sourcebook
    (view details)
  • 616.836 C42
    Seeber-Combs, Colleen P.
    Chest tubes and closed chest drainage systems [videorecording]
    (view details)
  • 616.861 AL18 2007
    Sutton, Amy L.
    Alcoholism sourcebook : basic consumer health information about alcohol use,
    abuse, and dependence, featuring facts about the physical, mental, and social
    health effects of alcohol addiction, including alcoholic liver disease,
    pancreatic disease, cardiovascular disease, neurological disorders, and the
    effects of drinking during pregnancy; along with information about alcohol
    treatment, medications, and recovery programs, in addition to tips for reducing
    the prevalence of underage drinking, statistics about alcohol use, a glossary
    of related terms, and directories of resources for more help and information
    (view details)
  • 616.89 Sz2m 2003
    Szasz, Thomas Stephen, 1920-
    The myth of mental illness : foundations of a theory of personal conduct

    (view details)

  • 616.895 B52
    Lerner, Ed.
    Bipolar disorder [videorecording] : shifting mood swings
    (view details)
  • 616.898 T63s 2006
    Torrey, E. Fuller (Edwin Fuller), 1937-
    Surviving schizophrenia : a manual for families, patients, and providers
    (view details)
  • 618.32 EL25 2004
    Albrecht, Kari Marie.
    Electronic fetal monitoring [videorecording]
    (view details)
  • 618.86 As76 2004
    Albrecht, Kari Marie.
    Assisted delivery and cesarean section [videorecording]
    (view details)
  • 620.00420285 Ab26a 2007
    Abbott, Daniel H.
    AutoCAD : secrets every user should know
    (view details)
  • 628.16725 So42
    United Nations. Dept. of Economic and Social Affairs.
    Solar distillation as a means of meeting small-scale water demands.
    (view details)
  • 628.92 F96 2004
    Cote, Arthur E.
    Fundamentals of fire protection
    (view details)
  • 628.92 Q4p
    Quintiere, James G.
    Principles of fire behavior
    (view details)
  • 628.922 Ev11
    DeCicco, Paul R., 1924-
    Evacuation from fires
    (view details)
  • 628.9222 B39
    DeCicco, Paul R., 1924-

    The behavior of glass and other materials exposed to fire
    (view details)

  • 629.222 C19 2006
    The car design yearbook.

    (view details)

  • 629.23 R76
    Rouvel, Jason C.
    Automotive mathematics
    (view details)
  • 629.2772 D17a
    Daly, Steven.
    Automotive air-conditioning and climate control systems
    (view details)
  • 629.2872 D43a 2006
    Denton, Tom.
    Advanced automotive fault diagnosis
    (view details)
  • 631.583 D44t
    Deryckx, Woody.
    Two solar aquaculture greenhouse systems for Western Washington : a preliminary
    (view details)
  • 631.583 Sch26s
    Scheller, William.
    Successful home greenhouses
    (view details)
  • 635.0483 So42
    Jensen, Merle H.
    Proceedings of the “Solar Energy – Fuel and Food” Workshop, April 5 and 6,
    1976, Marriott Hotel, Tucson, Arizona : the utilization of solar energy in
    greenhouses and integrated greenhouse-residential systems
    (view details)
  • 636.089 F82z 2003
    Fowler, Murray E.
    Zoo and wild animal medicine
    (view details)
  • 636.10023 H67c
    Hogue-Davies, Vicki.
    Careers with horses : the comprehensive guide to finding your dream job
    (view details)

  • 636.10837 Ed95c
    Edwards, Elwyn Hartley.
    The complete book of bits & bitting
    (view details)
  • 636.10837 In3
    Vernon, Hilary.
    Informed bitting [videorecording] : the first steps to bitting
    (view details)
  • 636.10891 T36h
    Thomas, Heather Smith, 1944-
    The horse conformation handbook
    (view details)
  • 636.108958 Sc85b 2005
    Scott, Mike.
    Equine massage
    (view details)
  • 636.10896 H78 2005
    Hadden, Will A., 1951-
    Horseman’s veterinary encyclopedia
    (view details)
  • 641.3 M52h
    Menzel, Peter, 1948-
    Hungry planet : what the world eats
    (view details)
  • 641.3092 On2m
    O’Neill, Molly.
    Mostly true : a memoir of family, food, and baseball
    (view details)
  • 645.3 W83i
    Wolf, Ray.
    Insulating window shade : reduces heat loss through windows by 80 %
    (view details)
  • 650.019 M58t
    Michalko, Michael, 1940-
    Thinkertoys : a handbook of business creativity for the ’90s
  • 658.4012 P65a 2001 Folio
    Pinson, Linda.
    Anatomy of a business plan : a step-by-step guide to building a business and
    securing your company’s future
    (view details)

  • 658.4083 G84
    Hecht, Daniel.
    The green makeover [videorecording] : a guide to greening up your business
    (view details)
  • 658.452 Op2
    Pike, Robert W.
    Openings, closings [videorecording]
    (view details)
  • 658.452 Sp31
    Pitcher, Fiona.
    Speak for yourself [videorecording] : the effective presentation
    (view details)
  • 697.22 G25c
    Gay, Larry, 1937-
    The complete book of heating with wood
  • 697.78 Sc47f
    Scully, Dan.
    The fuel savers : a kit of solar ideas for existing homes
    (view details)
  • Arts and Recreation

  • 709.022 H38g
    Henderson, George, 1931-
  • 709.2 C81m
    Jordan, Larry, 1934- Cornell, 1965.
    The magical worlds of Joseph Cornell [videorecording].
    (view details)
  • 720.103 W43d
    Weisman, Leslie.
    Discrimination by design : a feminist critique of the man-made environment
    (view details)
  • 720.472 D29a
    Davis, Albert J.
    Alternative natural energy sources in building design
    (view details)
  • 720.472 N21
    Prowler, Don.
    Passive solar: state of the art : proceedings of the 2nd National Passive Solar
    Conference, March 16-18, 1978, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa.
    (view details)
  • 720.472 P26
    Keller, Merily H.
    Passive Solar Heating and Cooling Conference and Workshop proceedings : May
    18-19, 1976, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, New Mexico
    (view details)

  • 720.973 Sa2s
    Saarinen, Eero, 1910-1961.
    Eero Saarinen : shaping the future
    (view details)
  • 721.0441 R95s
    Ryan, Nick, 1950-
    Stone upon stone : the use of stone in Irish building
    (view details)
  • 725.592 K72f
    Knapp, E. John.
    The floor plan book of veterinary hospital design
    (view details)
  • 728.7 An45h
    Angier, Bradford.
    How to build your home in the woods; illustrated by Vena Angier.
  • 728.809753 M13o
    McCue, George.
    Octagon : being an account of a famous Washington residence : its great years,
    decline & restoration
    (view details)
  • 730.92 C33a
    Cellini, Benvenuto, 1500-1571.
    The autobiography of Benvenuto Cellini
  • 745.2 M14c
    McDonough, William.
    Cradle to cradle : remaking the way we make things
    (view details)
  • 770.97281 H43s
    Hern*andez-Salazar, Daniel.
    So that all shall know
    (view details)
  • 791.43 T39a
    Abraham, Marc.
    A thousand acres [videorecording]
    (view details)
  • 791.4372 M98

    Eastwood, Clint, 1930-
    Mystic River [videorecording]
    (view details)

  • 791.4372 T64
    Corneau, Alain, 1943-
    Tous les matins du monde [videorecording] = All the mornings of the world
    (view details)
  • 791.4575 An74
    Sullivan, Kevin (Kevin Charles)
    Anne of Green Gables [videorecording] : the sequel
    (view details)
  • 796.22 D67
    Peralta, Stacy.
    Dogtown and Z-boys [videorecording]
    (view details)
  • 798.23 An16 pt.1
    Harris, Susan E.
    The visible horse [videorecording]
    (view details)
  • 798.23 An16 pt.2
    Harris, Susan.
    The visible rider [videorecording]
    (view details)
  • 798.23 B18
    Dietze, Susanne von.
    Balance in movement. The seat of the rider [videorecording].
    (view details)
  • 798.23 L78
    Loch, Sylvia.
    The classical seat [videorecording]
    (view details)
  • Literature

  • 808.51 P96
    Dupree, Tina.
    Public speaking [videorecording] : Time to stand
    (view details)
  • 809.93522 J63m
    Johnson, Marshall D.
    Making sense of the Bible : literary type as an approach to understanding
    (view details)
  • 811.54 N34Ym
    Meinke, Peter.
    Howard Nemerov.
    (view details)

  • 812.5 On2mo
    Quintero, Jos*e.
    A moon for the misbegotten [videorecording]
    (view details)
  • 813.54 J63t
    Johnson, Denis, 1949-
    Tree of smoke
    (view details)
  • 813.54 L169i
    Lamb, Wally.
    I know this much is true
  • 895.18 L52i
    Legge, James, 1815-1897,
    I ching ; book of changes
    (view details)
  • History

  • 914.0455 R15 Folio
    Rand McNally and Company.
    The Book of Europe : your guide to the best things to see and do.
  • 946.02 M52o
    Menocal, Maria Rosa.
    The ornament of the world : how Muslims, Jews, and Christians created a culture
    of tolerance in medieval Spain
    (view details)
  • 973.88 Am35
    Grubin, David.
    America 1900 [videorecording]
    (view details)
  • 973.9 C33 [pt.10]
    Jennings, Peter, 1938-2005.
    The Century [videorecording] : America’s time. 10, Poisoned dreams
    (view details)
  • 973.9 C33 [pt.11]
    Jennings, Peter, 1938-2005.
    The Century [videorecording] : America’s time. 11, Unpinned
    (view details)
  • 973.9 C33 [pt.2]
    Jennings, Peter, 1938-2005.

    The Century [videorecording] : America’s time. 2, Shell shock
    (view details)

  • 974.02 W49p
    Wertenbaker, Thomas Jefferson, 1879-1966.
    The Puritan oligarchy : the founding of American civilization.
    (view details)
  • 974.317 B92
    Jewell, Don.
    Burlington civic center : a report to the city of Burlington, Vermont
    (view details)
  • Leisure Reading, Science Fiction, Videos

  • JF W724r
    Williams, Jay, 1914-1978
    The reward worth having
    (view details)
  • LL
    O’Brien, Tim, 1946-
    In the Lake of the Woods
    (view details)
  • LL
    Tan, Amy.
    Saving fish from drowning
    (view details)
  • LL
    Byrne, Rhonda.
    The secret
    (view details)
  • LL
    Gaiman, Neil.
    Good omens : the nice and accurate prophecies of Agnes Nutter, witch
    (view details)
  • LL
    Baldacci, David.
    Simple genius
    (view details)
  • LL
    Sandom, J. G., 1956-
    Gospel truths
    (view details)
  • LL

    Hosseini, Khaled.
    A thousand splendid suns
    (view details)

  • LL
    Evanovich, Janet.
    Lean mean thirteen
    (view details)
  • LL
    Kushner, Ellen.
    The privilege of the sword
    (view details)
  • SF M127t
    McCarthy, Wil.
    To crush the moon : being the final volume in the history of the Queendom of
    (view details)
  • SF M586p
    Mi*eville, China.
    Perdido Street Station
    (view details)
  • SF W697s
    Wilson, Robert Charles, 1953-
    (view details)
  • Video 363.330973 B68
    Moore, Michael, 1954 Apr. 23-
    Bowling for Columbine [videorecording – DVD]
    (view details)
  • XX(420714.1)
    McGregor, Elizabeth.
    The girl in the green glass mirror
    (view details)

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