eBook of the Month: Capitalism as if the World Matters


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By Jonathon Porritt, with a new foreword by Amory B. Lovins
Earthscan, Revised Edition (September 2007)

Fully revised and updated edition of
Jonathon Porritt’s groundbreaking work

When first published in 2005, Capitalism as if the World Matters, by one of the leading eco-warriors of our time, shocked both a generation of environmentalists and a generation of business people by brushing aside their petty squabbles and artificial battle lines with a powerful argument—that the only way to save the world from fuel shortages, climate change and environmental catastrophe is to embrace a new type of capitalism, and to do it quickly.

In this substantially revised and updated edition with a new foreword by Amory B. Lovins, Jonathon Porritt—Prime Minister Tony Blair’s chief environmental advisor—tackles the most pressing problems of our time and extends his powerful and controversial argument by suggesting new actions in a tightly argued and highly accessible book.

New material includes in-depth coverage of the United States and the politics of climate change, the state of environmental debate and the massive upsurge in religious engagement with climate and the environment. Fresh case studies include the role of huge US corporations such as Walmart and General Electric in our sustainable capitalist future. Porritt also looks in-depth at China and the global impact this economic giant may have as it grows into the most environmentally damaging—or perhaps the first sustainable—superpower of the 21st century.

Destined to be one of the most important business, economics and politics books of the year, this is a must read for everyone from business executives to environmental activists to students to the very politicians with their hands on the levers of power.

What people have said about the book:
A message that businesses may find they are surprised to agree with
-Financial Times

One of the most prominent voices promoting green issues over the last 25 years
-Tony Blair, former UK Prime Minister

We need more people like Porritt … prepared to … find the best ways to save both the environment and the capitalist system
-Professional Investor

No US authors have matched this book’s treatment of the interconnections between the environment, finance and economy, industry and technology, psychology and politics. Porritt depicts chilling vignettes, and decries greed and unbridled materialism without impugning business as a whole … The book, which closes with persuasive philosophical evocations and tactical guidelines, invites and repays detailed study
– Choice

To renew and rebuild, we need to listen to the voices of the few truly selfless and thoughtful individuals among us, and Jonathon Porritt is one of them
-James Lovelock, creator of the Gaia theory

Jonathon Porritt’s book could not have come at a more timely and critical moment… A vital contribution to the most compelling issue of our times
-Will Hutton, Chief Executive of The Work Foundation

As ex-chair of the Green Party, one-time director of Friends of the Earth, and co-founder and Director of Forum for the Future, Porritt is possibly the best person to write a book such as this. The reader can feel confident that his views are based on a desire to create a sustainable future rather than less laudable reasons…an important factor when dealing with such a revolutionary book
-Pauline Thomas, The Waste Paper, Feb. 2006

This book is excellent, readable, comprehensive and ultimately quite optimistic. Essential reading for anyone interested in the world, the environment, humanity or the future
-Warmer Bulletin April 2006

This book may well challenge any Christian environmentalists that see capitalism as the enemy
-Methodist recorder May 2006-07-04

In this brilliant and timely book Porritt has thrown down the gauntlet and provided the necessary data and analysis on our collective dilemma
-David Lorimer, Scientific and Medical Network Review spring 2006

Author information
Jonathon Porritt is a former Director of Friends of the Earth, UK, and Co-Founder of Forum for the Future, Britain’s leading environmental advisory group to business. Appointed by Prime Minister Tony Blair to head the UK government’s Sustainable Development Commission, he is also Co-Director of The Prince of Wales’s Business and Environment Programme as well as being a Board Member of the South West Regional Development Agency.


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