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Search Engines: People Search Engines

: Wink queries social networking sites, such as MySpace, Bebo, Friendster, LinkedIn and Live Spaces, to find public profiles of participants. Additionally, Wink lets you create your own Wink profile so that you may “control your name, location, description, and other contact information.” Initial results show the screen name and other basic public information, such as the individual’s industry and social networking affiliation (site).

Wink recently expanded the sites it queries to include some people search sources, such as The Internet Movie Database and Wikipedia. (et)
People: Tools for Finding Public Records
Search Engines: People Search Engines

Pipl People Search: Web search company, Poogee Software Ltd., offers a search engine for finding information about people. Powered by Google, Pipl filters information from select sources in an effort to provide more relevant results. Typically, phone book entries appear at the top of the search results. These appear to come from PeopleData, Google and Yahoo.

Also forced to the top of the list are results from other people finding search tools; e.g., BirthDatabase and

Next are “quick facts,” which describe the person you seek. Source information appears to the right of the entry. This is followed by biographical sources.

In essence, Pipl serves to force more relevant Google results to the top of the hit list. You will likely see matches from genealogy sources, social networking sites and white pages. Thorough research, though, may require the use of additional search engines and sources.

We’d also like to see Pipl further filter results for specific top-level hits. For instance, common names still generate too many false hits. If a searcher were to click a biographical entry or phonebook entry, it would be helpful if Pipl then narrowed results based on the click-through data. (et)
Companies: General Information
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Search Engines: People Search Engines

: ZoomInfo is a search engine for finding companies, people or jobs. It contains profiles on more than 36 million people and 3.8 million companies.

Initial results for company searches show the company name and location. Follow the name link to find a basic profile, which provides the following, if available: street address, phone, Web site, industry, revenues, number of employees and key people. However, be sure to verify this information. Our test queries found several errors.

Initial people search results show options, if they match what appears to be more than one person. Follow the name link to find more details, including employment history, education, professional membership and Web references. Again, take this information with a grain of salt and verify it.


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