Friday, 31 August 2007

This week’s brainteaser is about abbreviations: shortened versions of words and phrases. So, if you were asked what the “DC” stands for in “Washington DC”, you could reply “District of Columbia”. Or if you were asked what name “Dan” is an abbreviation of, you might reply “Daniel”.

1. “e.g.” is an abbreviation of the Latin “exempli gratia” What does it mean?

2. In connection with the Internet, what does “WWW” stand for?

3. When popular music is called “R & B”, what does this stand for?

4. What does “TLC” stand for when referring to a sick person nursed back to health?

5. As the name of a state of the USA, what does “Ga” stand for?

6. Which disease caused by a bacillus is abbreviated as “TB”?

7. The Penguin English Dictionary gives eleven meanings for the abbreviation “p”. Can you guess five of these meanings?

8. Which phrase is abbreviated as “WAGs”, referring to spendthrift, vacuous, glamorous young females? It was inspired by the behaviour of the England football team’s partners during the 2006 World Cup.

9. A popular rock group was named R.E.M. What is this an abbreviation of?

10. NASA is an abbreviation of the name of the agency responsible for all nonmilitary aspects of the US space programme. What does “NASA” stand for?

Questions set by Tony Augarde,
author of “The Oxford Guide to Word Games”

1. For example or such as.
2. World Wide Web.
3. Rhythm and blues.
4. Tender loving care.
5. Georgia.
7.Page, participle, past, pence, penny, per, piano, pico-, pint, power, pressure.
8. Wives and girlfriends.
9. Rapid eye movement.
10. National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

How did you do?

0 – 1 Mmmm, not exactly brilliant.
2 – 5 A reasonable stab.
6 – 8 A good showing. But there’s still room for improvement!
9 – 10 You really know your stuff. Well done!


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