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From their FAQ page:
Why use this Site?
Saturday, 18 June 2005
Bloggers can be strange beasts at the best of times but add in academic exploits and you get a combustible mix on the cutting edge of media publishing. After all the first reference to “weblog” only came in December, 1997.

The media and medium will evolve beyond our imagination but the skills sets required to participate like knowledge of the technology, media literacies, awareness of the possibilities and other work out there can be fostered and promoted. This website is intended to be useful to you if:

You are an academic who blogs;
You are an academic who is thinking about blogging;
You want to know who else out there is participating;
You want to stay tuned in with the issues and challenges of academic blogging and research;

I’m sure there are lots of other reasons but as this project is intended to be developed through collaborative creativity it is really down to us to tune the site to be a useful and productive corner of cyberspace.


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