eBook of the Month

Researching genealogical history can be an
absorbing hobby, or a fun project that the whole family can enjoy.
Whether you’re just starting your search or filling the gaps in your
family tree, June’s eBook of the Month is packed with ideas about the
different aspects of genealogy and the many free or low cost resources
available to help you in your quest.
Written by Dr. Harry Alder, a prolific writer and long-time researcher, Tracking Down Your Ancestors
offers clear, accessible and inspiring text, plus practical tips and
key websites to support your research. It will help you find answers to
key questions, including:

  • What sort of people were your ancestors?
  • What did they do?
  • Where did they live?
  • Is the house still standing?
  • Can I walk where they walked?
  • Were any of my ancestors famous?
  • Are there any skeletons in my closet?
This eBook
will lead you to the vast number of genealogy web sites, where family
history research that used to take months can now produce exciting
results in a weekend. Plus, it will guide you step by step to doing
your own detective work.
learn how to get started without getting stuck, how to track down vital
information from record offices and parish churches, how to harness the
power of email lists and newsgroups, and how to unlock the unique
pleasures and challenges of documenting your family history.
About How To Books
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at home and at work. All How To Books titles are self-help books and
there’s one for most of life’s challenges and opportunities. Inspiring
and practical, they support personal change and lifelong self-reliance.

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