Job Hunting Resources [selected]

Here’s a listing of potential web resources for job hunting for the newly graduated:

Career Development eManual
A detailed guide intended for university students, but valuable for people at any career stage. It shows how to assess one’s personality, aptitudes, and values and how to match these to potential occupations. It gives advice on job hunting, practices, and reassessing one’s career progress. The emphasis is on self-development, being proactive, and professionalism, but the process comes across as fundamentally enjoyable and enhancing rather than daunting. From the University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.
The site offers information for job seekers and researchers needing insight into a company’s corporate culture. The site provides employer profiles, message boards, job listings, and a newsletter. Free online access to the full text of its industry guidebooks is available to registered members. membership is free. The Career Store sells books, magazines, and online career development courses.

Excellent advice and and reviews of resources in three major sections: Job Listings; Resumes; and Career Counseling. Written and updated by Richard Bolles as a supplement to his job hunting guidebook, What Color Is Your Parachute .

In Hartness Library we have a number of books related to job hunting, interviewing, cover letters and business etiquette among other things to consult. We also have a number of article databases dedicated to business that you might find helpful in doing research on companies as well as articles about job hunting…the link is here:
If you have any questions or need help please feel free to stop by the library!


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