PubMed Central Open Access List…

The following journals make all or most of their contents available as Open Access publications. An X in the Partial contents column means that the open access designation only applies to some of the journal’s content.

To learn more about open access to government related materials
check this group out, The Alliance for Taxpayer Access
These are the group’s Statement of Principles:

1. American taxpayers are entitled to open access on the Internet to the peer-reviewed scientific articles on research funded by the U.S. Government.
2. Widespread access to the information contained in these articles is an essential, inseparable component of our nation’s investment in science.
3. This and other scientific information should be shared in cost-effective ways that take advantage of the Internet, stimulate further discovery and innovation, and advance the translation of this knowledge into public benefits.
4. Enhanced access to and expanded sharing of information will lead to usage by millions of scientists, professionals, and individuals, and will deliver an accelerated return on the taxpayers’ investment


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