New books

for January are here on the website, but if you don’t want to bother with it here they are as well:

  • 000-099 – Information, Computer Science, General
  • 100-199 – Philosophy, Psychology
  • 300-399 – Social Science
  • 500-599 – Science
  • 600-699 – Technology, including Allied Health and Agriculture
  • 700-799 – Arts, Recreation
  • 800-899 – Literature
  • 900-999 – History, Geography

Information, Computer Science, General

Ecological architecture : a critical history James

Conspiracies and secret societies the complete
dossier / Brad Steiger and Sherry Steiger.

The Pentium chronicles the people, passion, and
politics behind Intel’s landmark chips / Robert P.

The C programming language Brian W. Kernighan,
Dennis M. Ritchie.

Ruby cookbook Lucas Carlson and Leonard Richardson.

Bayesian artificial intelligence Kevin B. Korb, Ann
E. Nicholson.

Robots unlimited : life in a virtual age David Levy.

Intellectual freedom manual compiled by the Office
for Intellectual Freedom of the American Library

Pages from the past history and memory in American
magazines / by Carolyn Kitch.

Licensing occupations ensuring quality or
restricting competition? / Morris M. Kleiner.

Killing the messenger journalists at risk in modern
warfare / Herbert N. Foerstel ; foreword by Danny

The Oxford companion to the mind edited by Richard
L. Gregory.

Ethics in medicine Jennifer Jackson.

Enhancing human traits ethical and social
implications / edited by Erik Parens.

Moral courage Rushworth M. Kidder.

Animal ethics Robert Garner.

Euthanasia Carrie L. Snyder, book editor.

Wonder : from emotion to spirituality Robert C.

Whose Bible is it? a history of the Scriptures
through the ages / Jaroslav Pelik*an.

Rastafari a universal philosophy in the third
millennium / edited by Werner Zips.

Philosophy, Psychology

The second ring of power by Carlos Castaneda.

American mania : when more is not enough Peter C.

Understanding the visual Tony Schirato and Jen Webb.

Beautiful evidence Edward R. Tufte.

Weapons grade how modern warfare gave birth to our
high-tech world / David Hambling.

Technology matters : questions to live with David E.

Future hype : the myths of technology change Bob

The Internet playground children’s access,
entertainment, and mis-education / Ellen Seiter.

Social Science

Understanding terrorism psychosocial roots,
consequences, and interventions / edited by Fathali M.
Moghaddam and Anthony J. Marsella.

A history of force exploring the worldwide movement
against habits of coercion, bloodshed, and mayhem /
James L. Payne.

Dancing at the Dead Sea tracking the world’s
environmental hotspots / Alanna Mitchell.

Women and science social impact and interaction /
Suzanne Le-May Sheffield.

Without a net the female experience of growing up
working class / edited by Michelle Tea.

Race, racism, and science social impact and
interaction / John P. Jackson Jr., and Nadine M.

Multiple origins, uncertain destinies Hispanics and
the American future / Panel on Hispanics in the United
States ; Marta Tienda and Faith Mitchell, editors.

Atlas of slavery James Walvin.

Computer games : text, narrative and play Diane Carr
… [et al.].

Game work language, power, and computer game culture
/ Ken S. McAllister.

Prostitution and sex trafficking Louise Gerdes, book

Marriage, a history from obedience to intimacy or
how love conquered marriage / Stephanie Coontz.

Same-sex marriage the legal and psychological
evolution in America / Donald J. Cantor … [et al.].

Ecocities rebuilding cities in balance with nature /
Richard Register.

Street people and the contested realms of public space
/ Randall Amster ; foreword by Jeff Ferrell.

The resilient city how modern cities recover from
disaster / [edited by] Lawrence J. Vale and Thomas J.

Communities directory a comprehensive guide to
intentional communities and cooperative living.

Ecovillages new frontiers for sustainability /
Jonathan Dawson ; foreword by Caroline Lucas.

Target zero : a life in writing Eldridge Cleaver ;
edited by Kathleen Cleaver ; foreword by Henry Louis
Gates, Jr. ; afterword by Cecil Brown.

Gay rights Rachel Kranz, Tim Cusick.

What’s wrong with children’s rights Martin

Perilous times free speech in wartime from the
Sedition Act of 1798 to the war on terrorism /
Geoffrey R. Stone.

Privacy Jamuna Carroll, book editor.

Privacy, surveillance and public trust Daniel

Renegade regimes confronting deviant behavior in
world politics / Miroslav Nincic.

As others see us the causes and consequences of
foreign perceptions of America / Stephen Brooks.

The sheriff America’s defense of the new world order
/ Colin S. Gray.

Jobs in America edited by David Ramm.

Demanding work the paradox of job quality in the
affluent economy / Francis Green.

Worker centers organizing communities at the edge of
the dream / Janice Fine.

Handbook of career counseling for women edited by W.
Bruce Walsh, Mary J. Heppner.

Cesar Chavez : a biography Roger Bruns.

Freedom in the workplace the untold story of merit
shop construction’s crusade against compulsory trade
unionism / by Samuel Cook.

Geoenvironmental sustainability Raymond N. Yong,
Catherine N. Mulligan, Masaharu Fukue.

Reconstructing Earth technology and environment in
the age of humans / Braden Allenby.

Environmental sociology from analysis to action /
edited by Leslie King and Deborah McCarthy.

Why conservation is failing and how it can regain
/ Eric T. Freyfogle.

The David Suzuki reader David Suzuki ; foreword by
Bill McKibben.

David Suzuki the autobiography.

Forests in landscapes ecosystem approaches to
sustainability / Jeffrey Sayer and Stewart Maginnis ;
assisted by Michelle Laurie.

Energy alternatives an opposing viewpoints guide /
Lauri S. Friedman, book editor.

Alternative energy resources the quest for
sustainable energy / Paul Kruger.

The fifty-year history of the International Solar
Energy Society and its national sections
edited by
Karl W. B*oer.

State renewable portfolio standards a review and
analysis / by Matthew H. Brown, Jennifer A. DeCesaro.

Agriculture as a producer and consumer of energy /
edited by Joe L. Outlaw, Keith J. Collins, James A.

Understanding renewable energy systems Volker

Renewable energy policy and politics a handbook for
decision-making / edited by Karl Mallon.

Switching to renewable power a framework for the
21st century / edited by Volkmar Lauber.

Sustainable energy choosing among options /
Jefferson W. Tester … [et al.].

Local power energy & economic development in rural
Vermont : final report / Vermont Council on Rural

Sustainable fossil fuels the unusual suspect in the
quest for clean and enduring energy / Mark Jaccard.

Oil crisis by C.J. Campbell.

The age of oil the mythology, history, and future of
the world’s most controversial resource / Leonardo

Oil Andrea C. Nakaya, book editor.

Breaking ice renewable resource and ocean management
in the Canadian north / edited by Fikret Berkes …
[et al.].

The future of the wild radical conservation for a
crowded world / Jonathan S. Adams.

Organic, inc. natural foods and how they grew /
Samuel Fromartz.

Hershey Milton S. Hershey’s extraordinary life of
wealth, empire, and utopian dreams / Michael

The natural step towards a sustainable society /

David Cook.

National environmental accounting bridging the gap
between ecology and economy / Joy E. Hecht.

China’s environment and the challenge of sustainable
/ Kristen A. Day, editor ; foreword by
N.T. Wang.

Greed and good understanding and overcoming the
inequality that limits our lives / Sam Pizzigati.

The law of speech and the First Amendment by
Margaret C. Jasper.

Privacy and the Internet your expectations and
rights under the law / by Margaret C. Jasper.

U.S. immigration made easy by Ilona Bray.

Motor vehicle law by Margaret C. Jasper.

Employee rights in the workplace by Margaret C.

Labor law by Margaret C. Jasper.

Your rights in the workplace by Barbara Kate Repa.

Harassment in the workplace by Margaret C. Jasper.

Rights of single parents by Margaret C. Jasper.

Social security law by Margaret C. Jasper.

Nursing home negligence by Margaret C. Jasper.

The right to die by Margaret C. Jasper.

Prescription drugs by Margaret C. Jasper.

The Americans with Disabilities Act by Margaret C.

Religion and the law by Margaret C. Jasper.

Lemon laws Margaret C. Jasper.

Real estate law for the homeowner & broker by
Margaret C. Jasper.

The law of trademarks by Margaret C. Jasper.

How to start your own business by Margaret C.

Commercial law by Margaret C. Jasper.

Living together : practical legal issues by Margaret
C. Jasper.

Marriage and divorce by Margaret C. Jasper.

Small claims courts by Margaret C. Jasper.

More everyday legal forms by Margaret C. Jasper.

The prime-time presidency the West Wing and U.S.
nationalism / Trevor Parry-Giles and Shawn J.

Dictionary of wars George Childs Kohn, editor.

To dare and to conquer special operations and the
destiny of nations, from Achilles to Al Qaeda / Derek

Weapons of mass destruction Mary Byrd Davis, Arthur
H. Purcell.

The E-bomb how America’s new directed energy weapons
will change the way future wars will be fought / Doug

Dictionary of naval terms Deborah W. Cutler, Thomas
J. Cutler.

Alternatives to the Peace Corps a guide to global
volunteer opportunities / edited by Paul Backhurst.

Medicine and the market : equity v. choice Daniel
Callahan, Angela A. Wasunna.

Maltreatment of patients in nursing homes there is
no safe place / Diana K. Harris, Michael L. Benson.

Our parents, ourselves how American health care
imperils middle age and beyond / Judith Steinberg

What is life worth? the unprecedented effort to
compensate the victims of 9/11 / Kenneth R. Feinberg.

The law of violence against women by Margaret C.

Missing and exploited children how to protect your
child / by Margaret C. Jasper.

Coping with contamination a primer for
preservationists / [written by Carol Andress, Charles
Bartsch and Deborah Cooney].

The encyclopedia of censorship.

Promoting community resilience in disasters the role
for schools, youth, and families / Kevin R. Ronan and
David Johnston.

The crisis of innovation in water and wastewater /
Duncan A. Thomas, Roger R. Ford.

The battle over Hetch Hetchy America’s most
controversial dam and the birth of modern
environmentalism / Robert W. Righter.

Sustainable communities and the challenge of
environmental justice
/ Julian Agyeman.

Living in the environment principles, connections,

and solutions / G. Tyler Miller, Jr. ; contributing
editor Scott Spoolman.

North America a continental overview of
environmental issues / Kevin Hillstrom, Laurie Collier

Asbestos and fire technological tradeoffs and the
body at risk / Rachel Maines.

Food aid after fifty years recasting its role /
Christopher B. Barrett and Daniel G. Maxwell.

High-profile crimes when legal cases become social
causes / Lynn S. Chancer.

One less woman : a Vermont murder : 1919 Patricia W.

Private prisons in America a critical race
perspective / Michael A. Hallett.

It doesn’t take a genius five truths to inspire
success in every student / Randall McCutcheon and
Tommie Lindsey.

Losing our minds gifted children left behind /
Deborah L. Ruf.

Montessori : the science behind the genius Angeline
Stoll Lillard ; photographs by An Vu.

Reading the world of work a learner-centered
approach to workplace literacy and ESL / Melina L.

The business case for renewable energy a guide for
colleges and universities / by Michael Philips and
Andrea Putman.

Stewardship & accountabilty in campus planning, design
& construction
/ edited by Donald J. Guckert.

Major in success make college easier, fire up your
dreams, and get a very cool job / Patrick Combs ;
[with a foreword by Jack Canfield].

The hardest deal of all the battle over school
integration in Mississippi, 1870-1980 / Charles C.

Everyone eats : understanding food and culture E.N.

Generation Rx how prescription drugs are altering
American lives, minds, and bodies / Greg Critser.

American regional folklore a sourcebook and research
guide / Terry Ann Mood.

Handbook of Japanese mythology Michael Ashkenazi.

Handbook of Polynesian mythology Robert D. Craig.

Empires of the word a language history of the world / Nicholas Ostler.


Theories on the scrap heap scientists and
philosophers on the falsification, rejection, and
replacement of theories / John Losee.

Color atlas and manual of microscopy for criminalists,
chemists, and conservators
Nicholas Petraco, Thomas

Maths : a student’s survival guide Jenny Olive.

Write your own proofs in set theory and discrete
/ Amy Babich and Laura Person.

Differential equations an introduction to basic
concepts, results and applications / Ioan I. Vrabie.

The tao of statistics a path to understanding (with
no math) / Dana K. Keller ; illustrated by Helen

Astronomy made simple by Kevin B. Marvel ; produced
by the Philip Lief Group, Inc.

How to photograph the moon and planets with your
digital camera
/ Tony Buick.

Epic of evolution : seven ages of the cosmos Eric
Chaisson ; illustrated by Lola Judith Chaisson.

Weighing the world the quest to measure the Earth /
Edwin Danson.

Statics and dynamics with background mathematics /
A.P. Roberts.

Guide to minerals, rocks & fossils A.C. Bishop, A.R.
Woolley, W.R. Hamilton.

Physical approach to short-term wind power prediction
/ Matthias Lange, Ulrich Focken.

Evolution [edited by] Jennifer Curry, In-Young

Richard Dawkins how a scientist changed the way we
think : reflections by scientists, writers, and
philosophers / edited by Alan Grafen and Mark Ridley.

Civilized life in the universe scientists on
intelligent extraterrestrials / George Basalla.

Environmental chemistry green chemistry and
pollutants in ecosystems / Eric Lichtfouse, Jan
Schwarzbauer, Didier Robert (editors).

The forest for the trees how humans shaped the north
woods / Jeff Forester.

The nature of plants habitats, challenges, and
adaptations / John Dawson & Rob Lucas.

Demons in Eden the paradox of plant diversity /
Jonathan Silvertown.

A walk around the pond insects in and over the water
/ Gilbert Waldbauer.

National Geographic guide to birding hot spots of the
United States
/ Mel White with Paul Lehman ; foreword
by Jonathan Aderfer.

Philosophy of technology : an introduction Val

Hazardous materials chemistry Armando S. Bevelacqua.

Science and technology in world history an
introduction / James E. McClellan III and Harold Dorn.


After harm medical error and the ethics of
forgiveness / Nancy Berlinger.

The electrical engineering handbook. Third ed.
Sensors, nanoscience, biomedical engineering, and
instruments / edited by Richard C. Dorf.

Communication skills that heal a practical approach
to a new professionalism in medicine / Barry Bub.

Dictionary of nursing theory and research Bethel Ann
Powers, Thomas R. Knapp.

Pocket guide to cultural health assessment Carolyn
Erickson D’Avanzo, Elaine M. Geissler.

Human bones a scientific and pictorial investigation
/ R. McNeill Alexander ; photography by Aaron Diskin ;
consultant, Henry Galiano.

The promise of sleep a pioneer in sleep medicine
explores the vital connection between health,
happiness, and a good night’s sleep / William C.
Dement and Christopher Vaughan.

The China study the most comprehensive study of
nutrition ever conducted and the startling
implications for diet, weight loss and long-term
health / T. Colin Campbell with Thomas M. Campbell II.

Daoist body cultivation traditional models and
contemporary practices / edited by Livia Kohn.

Allergy : the history of a modern malady Mark

Professional’s handbook of complementary & alternative
/ C.W. Fetrow, Juan R. Avila.

Complementary and alternative medicine for older
adults : a guide to holistic approaches to healthy
/ edited by Elizabeth R. Mackenzie, Birgit

Pharmacology for nursing care Richard A. Lehne, in
consultation with Linda A. Moore, Leanna J. Crosby,
Diane B. Hamilton.

The reflexology atlas Bernard C. Kolster and Astrid

Waskowiak ; translated from the German by Nikolas Win

Handbook of diseases.

Professional guide to diseases.

Handbook of signs & symptoms.

Mosby’s manual of diagnostic and laboratory tests /
Kathleen Deska Pagana, Timothy J. Pagana.

Autism spectrum disorders psychological theory and
research / Dermot M. Bowler.

Treating bipolar disorder a clinician’s guide to
interpersonal and social rhythm therapy / Ellen Frank.

The psychology of bipolar disorder new developments
and research strategies / edited by Steven Jones and
Richard Bentall.

Bipolar disorder Robert P. Reiser, Larry W.

Risky trade infectious disease in the era of global
trade / Ann Marie Kimball.

Craig’s restorative dental materials edited by John
M. Powers, Ronald L. Sakaguchi.

Surgically shaping children technology, ethics, and
the pursuit of normality / edited by Erik Parens.

Mood and anxiety disorders during pregnancy and
/ edited by Lee S. Cohen, Ruta M. Nonacs.

Designing for accessibility a business guide to
countering design exclusion / Simeon Keates.

Composites in alternative energy a design and
application guide.

Sustainable energy systems engineering the complete
green building design resource / Petr Gevorkian.

Hot weather concreting reported by ACI Committee

Teach yourself electricity and electronics Stan

Wind electrical systems S.N. Bhadra, D. Kastha, S.

Wind power in power systems edited by Thomas

Designing with solar power a source book for
building integrated photovoltaics (BiPV) / editors,
Deo Prasad & Mark Snow.

Microwaves and wireless simplified Thomas S.

Big dish building America’s deep space connection to
the planets / Douglas J. Mudgway.

Formwork for concrete by M. K. Hurd ; prepared under
the direction of ACI Committee 347, Formwork for

Boston’s Back Bay the story of America’s greatest
nineteenth-century landfill project / William A.
Newman and Wilfred E. Holton.

Environmental hydrology and hydraulics :
eco-technological practices for sustainable
development / S.N. Ghosh, V.R. Desai.

The environmental science of drinking water Patrick
J. Sullivan, Franklin J. Agardy, James J.J. Clark.

Water-quality engineering in natural systems David
A. Chin.

Advanced onsite wastewater systems technologies /
Anish R. Jantrania, Mark A. Gross.

Aviation century : the golden age Ron Dick and Dan

Aviation century : World War II Ron Dick and Dan

Aviation century : wings of change Ron Dick and Dan

Aviation century : war & peace in the air Ron Dick
and Dan Patterson.

At the controls the Smithsonian National Air and
Space Museum book of cockpits / photography by Eric F.
Long and Mark A. Avino ; edited by Tom Alison and Dana

Biodiesel power the passion, the people, and the
politics of the next renewable fuel / Lyle Estill.

Handbook of sustainable weed management Harminder
Pal Singh, Daizy Rani Batish, Ravinder Kumar Kohli,

Designing the new kitchen garden an American potager
handbook / Jennifer R. Bartley ; with a foreword by
Julie Moir Messervy.

Satsuki azaleas for bonsai and azalea enthusiasts /
Robert Z. Callaham.

Diseases of trees and shrubs Wayne A. Sinclair and
Howard H. Lyon.

Veterinary emergency and critical care procedures /
Timothy B. Hackett, Elisa M. Mazzaferro.

Veterinary clinical parasitology Anne M. Zajac, Gary
A. Conboy.

Notes on veterinary ophthalmology Sheila Crispin.

Color atlas of canine and feline ophthalmology Joan
Dziezyc, Nicholas J. Millichamp.

Minor veterinary surgery a handbook for veterinary
nurses / Julian Hoad ; foreword by Margaret Moore.

Bovine medicine diseases and husbandry of cattle /
edited by A.H. Andrews … [et al.].

Chicken the dangerous transformation of America’s
favorite food / Steve Striffler.

Retirement planning by Margaret C. Jasper.

Core concepts of accounting information systems /
Nancy A. Bagranoff, Mark G. Simkin, Carolyn Strand

Lessons in loyalty how Southwest Airlines does it :
an insider’s view / Lorraine Grubbs-West.

Blog rules a business guide to managing policy,
public relations, and legal issues / Nancy Flynn.

Designing type Karen Cheng.

Printer’s type in the twentieth century :
manufacturing and design methods / Richard Southall.

Construction safety engineering principles designing
and managing safer job sites.

Life safety code handbook.

Historic building fa*cades the manual for
maintenance and rehabilitation / New York Landmarks
Conservancy ; William G. Foulks, editor.

Bob Harris’ guide to concrete overlays and toppings.

Guide for surface finish of concrete slabs on ground /
by Ross Martin ; edited by the ASCC Education and
Training Committee.

The Arts

Why we make art and why it is taught Richard

Art 21 art in the twenty-first century 3 /
interviews by Susan Sollins ; edited by Marybeth
Sollins ; Wesley Miller, assistant curator.

Skinny streets and green neighborhoods design for
environment and community / Cynthia Girling, Ronald

Outside the not so big house creating the landscape
of home / Julie Moir Messervy and Sarah Susanka ;
photographs by Grey Crawford.

Building for life designing and understanding the
human-nature connection / Stephen R. Kellert.

Building with reclaimed components and materials a
design handbook for reuse and recycling / Bill Addis.

Emilio Ambasz : a technological Arcadia Fulvio Irace
; with an introduction by Paolo Portoghesi.

Ten shades of green architecture and the natural
world / Peter Buchanan.

Rough guide to sustainability by Brian Edwards.

Environmental design an introduction for architects
and engineers / edited by Randall Thomas.

Environmental design of urban buildings an
integrated approach / edited by Mat Santamouris.

41 to 66 regional responses to sustainable
architecture in Canada / curated by John McMinn and
Marco Polo.

The HOK guidebook to sustainable design Sandra
Mendler, William Odell, Mary Ann Lazarus.

Toward a new regionalism environmental architecture
in the Pacific Northwest / David E. Miller.

Innovation in sustainable housing– Tango Moore
Ruble Yudell Architects & Planners with SWECO FFNS
Arkitekter AB ; essay by Michael Webb.

Sustainable architecture hightech housing.

Transnational buildings in local environments by
Luciana Melchert Saguas Presas.

Redux designs that reuse, recycle, and reveal /
Jennifer Roberts.

Architecture in a climate of change a guide to
sustainable design / Peter F. Smith.

Energy-efficient architecture basics for planning
and construction / Roberto Gonzalo, Karl J. Habermann.

Solar architecture in cool climates Colin Porteous
with Kerr MacGregor.

Complete idiot’s guide to solar power for your home /
by Dan Ramsey.

Fair Housing Act design manual a manual to assist
designers and builders in meeting the accessibility
requirements of the Fair Housing Act / [designed and
developed by Barrier Free Environments, Inc. for the
U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development, Office of
Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity and the Office of

Access for everyone a guide to the accessibility of
buildings and sites with references to ADAAG / Arvid
E. Osterberg, Donna J. Kain.

Design for life the architecture of Sim Van der Ryn
/ Sim Van der Ryn

Michael Graves, buildings and projects, 1982-1989 /

edited by Karen Vogel Nichols, Patrick J. Burke, and
Caroline Hancock ; essays by Robert Maxwell, Christian

The Frank Lloyd Wright companion William Allin

Lancashire : Manchester and the South-East by Clare
Hartwell, Matthew Hyde and Nikolaus Pevsner.

Building the Japanese house today by Peggy Landers
Rao and Len Brackett ; photographs by Aya Brackett.

The art of glass integrating architecture and glass
/ Stephen Knapp.

Free-standing tension structures from tensegrity
systems to cable-strut systems / Wang Bin Bing.

Medical and dental space planning a comprehensive
guide to design, equipment, and clinical procedures /
Jain Malkin.

Design innovations for aging and Alzheimer’s :
creating caring environments / Elizabeth C. Brawley.

Senior residences designing retirement communities
for the future / John E. Harrigan, Jennifer M. Raiser,
Phillip H. Raiser.

Educational environments. no. 2 editor, Roger Yee.

Educational environments editor, Roger Yee.

Picture this : the artist as illustrator edited by
Sylvia Backemeyer; with essays by Martin Baker … [et

Ecodesign : a manual for ecological design Ken

The singing neanderthals the origins of music,
language, mind, and body / Steven Mithen.

The whole equation : a history of Hollywood David

Dogville vs Hollywood by Jake Horsley.

Cinema anime critical engagements with Japanese
animation / edited by Steven T. Brown.

Barnstorming to heaven Syd Pollock and his great
Black teams / Alan J. Pollock ; edited by James A.

Baseball between the numbers why everything you know
about the game is wrong / by the experts at Baseball
Prospectus, James Click … [et al.] ; edited by Jonah

Don Wright’s guide to free campgrounds. Eastern
edition / [Don Wright].

X, y, z, t : dimensions of science fiction Damien Broderick.


Beat culture : lifestyles, icons, and impact edited
by William T. Lawlor.


Frontiers past and future science fiction and the
American West / Carl Abbott.

Representative American speeches.

Shakespeare : the biography Peter Ackroyd.

The most of P.G. Wodehouse P.G. Wodehouse.

Mobil travel guide. New England.

William Henry Jackson’s “The pioneer photographer” /
compiled, edited, and annotated by Bob Blair ; with
original text from the 1929 edition by William Henry
Jackson in collaboration with Howard R. Driggs ;
foreword by Lee Whittlesey.

The pyramids of Egypt I.E.S. Edwards.

Ethics during and after the Holocaust in the shadow
of Birkenau / John K. Roth.

China : the balance sheet what the world needs to
know now about the emerging superpower / C. Fred
Bergsten … [et al.].

The view from the fence the Arab-Israeli conflict
from the present to its roots / Neill Lochery.

Art of being Tuareg Sahara nomads in a modern world
/ edited by Thomas K. Seligman and Kristyne Loughran ;
with essays contributed by Edmond Bernus … [et al.].

A short history of the Native Americans in the United
/ Howard Meredith.

“Yours, in the cause of the slave” : a document packet
for teachers and students.

Indians and emigrants encounters on the overland
trails / Michael L. Tate.

The worst hard time the untold story of those who
survived the great American dust bowl / Timothy Egan.

Where mountains are nameless passion and politics in
the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge : including the
story of Olaus and Mardy Murie / Jonathan Waterman.

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